You Have Only Six Months to Live?

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My question is: Who has the right to tell me that I don't deserve this choice?

You've Only Got Six Months to Live

That I deserve to suffer for weeks or months in tremendous amounts of physical and emotional pain? Why should anyone have the right to make that choice for me? Opinion: When assisted suicide is not the answer.

Now that I've had the prescription filled and it's in my possession, I have experienced a tremendous sense of relief. And if I decide to change my mind about taking the medication, I will not take it. Having this choice at the end of my life has become incredibly important. It has given me a sense of peace during a tumultuous time that otherwise would be dominated by fear, uncertainty and pain.

Now, I'm able to move forward in my remaining days or weeks I have on this beautiful Earth, to seek joy and love and to spend time traveling to outdoor wonders of nature with those I love. And I know that I have a safety net. Dying young and on her own terms.

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I plan to celebrate my husband's birthday on October 26 with him and our family. Unless my condition improves dramatically, I will look to pass soon thereafter. I hope for the sake of my fellow American citizens that I'll never meet that this option is available to you.

If you ever find yourself walking a mile in my shoes, I hope that you would at least be given the same choice and that no one tries to take it from you. When my suffering becomes too great, I can say to all those I love, "I love you; come be by my side, and come say goodbye as I pass into whatever's next. I can't imagine trying to rob anyone else of that choice. Share your personal essays with CNN iReport. Join us on Facebook. Print Email More sharing Reddit.

Brittany Maynard with her dog Charley in San Francisco. Maynard, a year-old with terminal brain cancer, has died, advocacy group Compassion and Choices said in a Facebook post on Sunday. Click through to see more photos of Maynard's life. Maynard, second from right, visits the Grand Canyon with her family in October.

She had said the Grand Canyon was the last item on her bucket list. Maynard at age 4 with her mom, Debbie. Maynard with her mom during a trip. Maynard, right, poses for a photo during her travels. We use cookies to help make LingQ better.

A Phone-Based Peer Support Program to Take Stock of Your Life

By visiting the site, you agree to our cookie policy. Display Language: sv. A man was told by his doctor that he had only six months to live. He went home quite depressed and started to pray. If you could just build me a bridge from here to Hawaii, so I could drive there, then I could die content. It's not all doom and gloom - we still laugh a lot.

Why the 6 month “safeguard” is too limiting

We even laugh about the illness. Things have become more special. Sitting on an empty, white beach can be euphoric. I have had more intensely happy moments in the past two years of illness than I have ever had in the rest of my life. Still, it's a strange situation to be in. Suddenly I can't talk about what sandals I will wear in the summer. I can't talk about how much my house will be worth in five years' time. I can't even plan new carpets, curtains and lampshades. It's worse than it was two months ago.

Two months ago, I had the hope that I might survive, I could plan what job I was going to get when I was better, I could imagine the country without Tony Blair. It doesn't feel as I thought it would. I suppose I thought I would suddenly understand what is truly important in life, gain profound insights. But I still find myself getting irritated when the plumber is 10 minutes late or the house is a mess.

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And I still worry about mundane things such as whether the library books are overdue or if I will offend someone if I don't go round for dinner. Friends say, "You should blow loads of money on a holiday or luxury food", but I don't seem able to do it. I am no different from how I was before.

You Have Only Six Months to Live? You Have Only Six Months to Live?
You Have Only Six Months to Live? You Have Only Six Months to Live?
You Have Only Six Months to Live? You Have Only Six Months to Live?
You Have Only Six Months to Live? You Have Only Six Months to Live?
You Have Only Six Months to Live? You Have Only Six Months to Live?
You Have Only Six Months to Live? You Have Only Six Months to Live?
You Have Only Six Months to Live? You Have Only Six Months to Live?

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