Tiger the Lurp Dog: A Novel

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Tiger the Lurp Dog: A Novel

Our Books Recommended Books. Embed This Book. Copy and paste the below script into your own website or blog to embed this book. Six Silent Men, Book Two. In the summer of , the good old days were ending for the hard-core 1st Brigade LRRPs of the st Airborne Division, perhaps the finest maneuver element of its size in the history of the United States Army.

It was a bitter pill.


After working on their own in Vietnam for more than two years, the Brigade LRRPs were ordered to join forces with the division once again. Keep Reading. Since the st Airborne Division was scheduled to join its 1st Brigade in Vietnam at the end of the year, it was to organize such a company within the division.

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And though there was no shortage of talent in the division, it seemed only natural that the Recondo School cadre become the nucleus of this new company. And as he was the G-2, such a company, at least in theory, would be working for him. Wasting little time, Beckwith had already made up his mind to put the new company under the command of Captain Peter Fitts.

Fitts, a mustang officer with plenty of enlisted time and an array of tattoos to prove that most of his service had been as an enlisted man , had a prior tour in Vietnam establishing and running long-range recon teams for Special Forces. Colonel Beckwith knew what he wanted.

Two of the platoons would be patrol platoons, each running four to five six-man reconnaissance teams. Yet another cast of sociopaths and assorted low-lifes torment Dave and Clete. The plot twists cleverly. The boys run wild occasionally. And the action flows till the very last page. His novel, Yankee Air Pirates Deeds, pp.


The visions include the story of an American Army doctor facing a court martial for insubordination in Vietnam. Hinkle, aVietnam-era veteran and retired lawyer, is the author of The Butane Gospel Wheatmark, pp. The guys go on a wild quest in search of—not to give anything away—something biblical in this sprightly written book.

Warren, which also includes his journal entries. Published by Vietnam Veterans of America. Miller gives us an authentic sense of Lurps at war, where darkness is ''broken only by the weird glow of rotting vegetation, scattered like shattered radium watch dials on the jungle floor.

But Mopar and Marvel and Wolverine and Tiger himself are never individualized; they're Lurps and little more. And like most war novels, the psychic terrain becomes a bit too familiar. Nothing really holds us to Mopar and Tiger. Like dolls tossed into a mine field, they explode and disappear. Wicklowe carries a double burden.

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Born in American Samoa, the son of a naval officer, he has returned to paradise to uncover the mysteries surrounding his dead mother and father. He's also running from his former wife. His war experience has made him impotent, thrown him into a kind of psychic fatigue. He suffers from what the Samoans call ''spirit sickness.

He has the Vietnam blues. Joseph Theroux younger brother of the writers Paul and Alexander Theroux isn't burdened with the familiar tune of war buddies and top sergeants. Wicklowe is all we ever get of Vietnam. He's never typified or made to stand for something other than his own scratchy self. In the war, ''He worked to staunch blood, perform tracheotomies where a mouth had been blown away, restuff bursting intestines, tell a boy whose body was exploded that it was okay; the boy had called, 'Mum!


Tiger the Lurp Dog (eBook) by Kenn Miller (Author)

His coming apart isn't mystifying or morose. His breakdown has the maddening logic of the war.

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After a firefight Wicklowe had worked on him and they had taken him away. A week later he was back, bandaged but fit.

Tiger the Lurp Dog: A Novel Tiger the Lurp Dog: A Novel
Tiger the Lurp Dog: A Novel Tiger the Lurp Dog: A Novel
Tiger the Lurp Dog: A Novel Tiger the Lurp Dog: A Novel
Tiger the Lurp Dog: A Novel Tiger the Lurp Dog: A Novel
Tiger the Lurp Dog: A Novel Tiger the Lurp Dog: A Novel

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