Straßenkindheit in Westafrika (German Edition)

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  6. Meaning of "Straßenkind" in the German dictionary.
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    Women resemble their native country, claims Rita, the supervisor of the canteen, to Kenan, her kitchen hand from Africa.. Switzerland allows somebody like him to enter the country only temporarily and out of pity..

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    • Meaning of "Straßenkind" in the German dictionary.
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    Manual Straßenkindheit in Westafrika (German Edition)

    In addition, the Dictionary is now supplemented with millions of real-life translation examples from external sources. So, now you can see how a concept is translated in specific contexts. We are able to identify trustworthy translations with the aid of automated processes. In both of them the author writing in French and the translator translating into Wolof cannot really do without the other language, in such a way that in the original version as well as in the translated one, there are terms or traces of either language.

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    Let us begin with analyzing examples of Wolof words in the original version of the novel in French. Those words could be considered, referring to Kathryn Batchelor 69 , as visible traces , that is, idiosyncratic borrowings from African language terms to manifest the presence of African languages in the Francophone narrative bid. In the French original, they are mostly translated into French in a footnote. It is the case of ndol 59 and guer 98 , which are rendered literally through pauvres poor and nobles nobles. At first sight, it might seem surprising that these words are not directly used in French, rather in Wolof; they are translated into French in a footnote.

    This procedure could be motivated by the wish to create or use a new form of writing that is totally different from Western manners of writing. It could however be understood as a way to re- affirm the impact of Wolof as language of inter-ethnic communication in Senegal where the action of the novel takes place. Other words are used in Wolof in the text, because they do not have equivalents, for the simple reason that they refer to things that do not exist in Western cultures, especially in French speaking Western societies.

    This situation, which is furthered through the language contact circumstances, leads to new creative ways of writing. Paul Bandia describes this phenomenon as follows: Faced with the need to make their work available to a wide international readership, African writers are at times forced to relate their worldviews in Western colonial languages which do not often lend themselves easily to expressing African sociocultural reality. To cope with this artistic dilemma, African writers employ various writing techniques to capture and convey the various facets of African life.

    A characteristic feature of African writing is the use of code-switching CS and code-mixing CM as a writing technique Bandia Instead of paraphrasing the foreign lexis or trying to render them through an adaption substitution , the author uses them as borrowings. We have the examples of lakh 13 and thiakry 15 , which are explained in footnotes. The words lakh and thiakry have been written in the French orthography, a way to make them easily readable to the Francophone reader, since the novel itself is written in French.

    The Wolof translated version uses the same words, but rather in the Wolof orthography and of course without footnotes. So, they appear in the Wolof version respectively as laax 13 and caakri Sometimes it is difficult to render some elements of modern vocabulary or elements mostly used in the context of education or administration into Wolof. This is due to the fact that French is the official language in Senegal and is therefore used in administration, in written communication and education.

    The diglossic reality of the contextual use of French and Wolof can be understood as a way to signal that, although metropolitan French is the language of literary expression, it is more importantly the language of translation of a particular African language, which the characters are really speaking Batchelor But is this point of view applicable to the Wolof version? Ramatoulaye speaks very good French since she belongs, as mentioned in chapter 6 of the text, to the first generation of educated young women. Nevertheless, the translator adapts her words to the Wolof way of writing and spelling.

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    In other words, he uses the words graphically as such, but according to Wolof phonetics. This does not only suggest the fact that the character speaks Wolof and not French, but also points out the possibility to render some items related to phenomena that are recent in African societies like school or pharmacy in African languages through adaptation. These are respectively transposed as Ekkoolu nterpret , Etaasuni ca Amerig p.

    In order to make it easy for the non-prepared reader, we have established phonetic equivalents between the official alphabet of Senegal and the Latin one Translation by the author. This method is also applied to proper names, whether they are Senegalese or not. The resorting to transliteration to produce texts that are, phonetically speaking, adapted to the target language makes the pronunciation easier. But this might be problematic when we consider that not many Senegalese people have been introduced to reading Wolof.

    Straßenkindheit in Westafrika (German Edition) Straßenkindheit in Westafrika (German Edition)
    Straßenkindheit in Westafrika (German Edition) Straßenkindheit in Westafrika (German Edition)
    Straßenkindheit in Westafrika (German Edition) Straßenkindheit in Westafrika (German Edition)
    Straßenkindheit in Westafrika (German Edition) Straßenkindheit in Westafrika (German Edition)
    Straßenkindheit in Westafrika (German Edition) Straßenkindheit in Westafrika (German Edition)

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