Police Comics Issue #3

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Jason" starring Chic Carter, script and art by Vernon Henkel. Brenner; , becoming more sloppy and allowing more and more inmates to discover his identity, faces racketeer Oscar Jones. Palyachi and Marka. Brenner; A solitary, pathetic figure, wandering the rainy streets in search of shelter, finds his way into a club where Professor Seezall Nozal is performing his tricks of the mind.

Cover by Jack Cole. Brenner; Destiny vs. Oscar Jones. Frank N. Stein the Headless Man. The Combination and Mr. Killer Kane. Brenner; Destiny discovers that his powers are more powerful than he first suspected; As he was sleeping, his trance-like mind also sensed a murder and he is transported to the home of Sherlock Doyle. However, Roy discovers that her Uncle is the one behind the "haunting" of the house, in order to prevent the purchase by his wife. Eventually, the Manhunter solves the crime and Richard's suspension is commute. Homer Creep.

Morger Boys. Sackville" starring the Manhunter, art by John Cassone. Cover art by Jack Cole. Plastic Man story, script and art by Jack Cole. Human Bomb story, script and art by Paul Gustavson.

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Destiny story. Spirit story, script and art by Will Eisner. Flatfoot Burns story, script and art by Al Stahl. Phantom Lady story, art by Rudy Palais. The Murdering Rhymester starring Manhunter. Darson Twins.

The Walking Dead: Issue 3 - Motion Comic

Prince von Kalm. Plastic Man and the Spirit teamed together on the cover. Sims has invented a serum that can keep the brain alive and needs but a test subject; Just then, two thugs come in with the body of a bullet-ridden gangster, who dies on the table. The Eye Eisner. Flatfoot Burns story, art by Milt Stein. Blackmail and Blood starring Manhunter, art by Al Bryant. Flatfoot Burns story, script and art by Marvin Stein.

Cover art by Al Bryant. Suicide Sanitarium starring Manhunter, art by Al Bryant. Burp the Twerp story, script and art by Jack Cole.

Dream Police

Flatfoot Burns story, art by Marvin Stein. Tidewater, script and art by Will Eisner. Destiny Plays No Politics starring Destiny. Beware the Human Bomb, script and art by Paul Gustavson. Had the City Gone Mad? Manhunter story, art by Al Bryant. Candy story, art by Harry Sahle.

Hank Pinupo starring Candy, art by Harry Sahle. Who Put the Overalls In Mrs. Murphy's Chowder? Candy story, script and art by Harry Sahle.

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Two Tracks starring Manhunter, art by Al Bryant. Beck art? Bazaar Tonite starring Candy, script and art by Harry Sahle.

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Beck and Pete Costanza. Cole front cover. Bio Twitter Latest Posts. Bay Area bred, LA livin Blerd. Avid fan of comics, video games, music, wrestling, the Lakers, and the 49ers. Spends a little too much money at movie theaters. Also passionate about serving my community and providing the youth with tools for success. Latest posts by Marcus Freeman see all. Story - 9. Art - 9. Character Development - 9.

Dream Police #3

Written by. Marcus Freeman. Have your say! You May Also Like. DC to censor Batman Nudity. September 19, March 19, July 26, You wanted the best, you got the best!

Plastic Man appears in 102 issues in this volume.

Price 0. View: Large Edit cover. Genre detective-mystery. Letters Gill Fox?

Genre humor. First Line of Dialogue or Text Late at night Sandra and Dan Borden return through the park from a defense committee meeting The spies had tried to frame the Phantom Lady for Don's kidnapping, but she eluded the police. She disappears after rescuing Don and when the cops come in saying that "some dame" called in a tip, Don thinks of Sandra.

Genre humor Characters Burp the Twerp. Roosevelt; un-named Nazi spy villain ; the Nazis villains Synopsis Roy is called away from Jean's side to the White House, where the President asks Roy to oversee a new lab.

Police Comics Issue #3 Police Comics Issue #3
Police Comics Issue #3 Police Comics Issue #3
Police Comics Issue #3 Police Comics Issue #3
Police Comics Issue #3 Police Comics Issue #3
Police Comics Issue #3 Police Comics Issue #3

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