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Cooking Instructions

Mince the garlic, ginger, and white part of green onion. Put aside until needed. Mix the ketchup, Toban Djan , sugar, sake, and chicken stock in a small bowl. Remove the shell and tail from shrimp.

Lotteria "Ebi chili sand" and "Sweets nut" taste review

Butterfly make a cut along the back and devein. Lightly season the shrimp with salt. When the potato starch and water have separated completely, drain the water. The Japanese are purists about their traditional cuisine. Usually, there are separate restaurants for each branch of cooking; tempura restaurants, sushi restaurants, sashimi restaurants, curried pork cutlet restaurants, you get the idea. Thus, many Tokyo-ites were shocked, and not a little appalled, when they learned about American places such as David's Taiwanese Restaurant in Queens, where sushi and sashimi are served alongside Chinese food.

Ebi Chili Mayo

The classic American standby, California Roll, also sounds terrible to many Japanese, perhaps because of the sub-par avocados available in Japan. Conversely, many Americans don't enjoy sushi, perhaps never having luxuriated in Pacific fish at the source. The most popular regional Chinese cooking in Japan is probable Sichuan's spicy cuisine with dishes such as Ma Po Dofu.

Cantonese food is also very popular but for some Japanese palates, tastes lean a little towards the sweet side. Peking and Shanghai cuisines are also popular. Cold dishes such as jelly fish and prepared wine chickens are prized, but Peking Duck is deemed too rich and oily. Could it be that the flavor is too mild and subtle even for the Japanese palate? One city, Yokohama, is on the outskirts of Tokyo. It boasts a population of three and a quarter of a million people, and contain's Japan's biggest Chinatown Chukagai.

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As of January , a registered population of twelve thousand seven hundred seventy-nine Chinese people chuguokujin , live mostly nestled between Yokohama's famous Motomachi shopping strip, Yamashita Park, and Yokohama Stadium. The earliest Chinese settlers in Yokohama can be traced back to , just after the port city was opened to overseas trade. Mostly from Canton, they worked as compradors, tailors, shoemakers, musical instrument makers, and printers. Although the restaurant business is today's most typical occupation, Chinese restaurants did not appear to begin until the 's.


Yokohama is an exotic gateway where Japan first encountered the outside world, and visa versa. There are Chinatowns in other Japanese cities such as the one in Kobe, but Yokohama is the place most imbued with Chinese culture. It is a bustling and unique place that draws more tourists per year than Tokyo Disneyland!

Both Chinese and Japanese people are accustomed to family-style dining and large wedding banquets, so restaurants throughout Japan routinely offer party platters and multi-course dinner 'sets.

How to Make Ebi Chili (Chile Prawns/Shrimp) Recipe 簡単で本格的なエビチリの作り方

This hotel restaurant has a large dining room as well as more than a dozen private rooms with Japanese-type tatami-mat seating for between four and sixteen guests. Elegant tables are appointed with classy details like Chinese soup spoon rests and salt wells. Japanese couples can easily spend in excess of one hundred thousand US dollars on weddings.

Prices can exceed two hundred US dollars per person for any of them. The least expensive set listed, however, is for Chinese fare at one hundred dollars per person.

Where to get Chinese Food in Tokyo

These prices do not include drinks or liquor. Typically, Japanese people drink a quick beer with their Chinese appetizers, then switch to Shao Xiang Chinese wine with their main courses.

Off the Menu - Chinese Food in Japan and about Yokohama's Chinatown

Huge and richly decorated gates border Kinshoshak ; Chinatown's main drag. A gigantic sign, actually a four-tiered dumpling steamer, opens and closes with big puffs of smoke ala Times Square's Winston man. The first impression is that this must be The world's cleanest Chinatown. It was boiling hot outside, but The streets were never filthy nor stinky. Japanese locals told me, however, that they consider it a rather pungent locale. Things foreign always seem to end up in Chinatowns.

Yokohama is no exception.

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There exist restaurants specializing in Copenhagen and San Francisco fare. Trinket shops push items from African, Guatemalan, and other foreign shores. Cigarette machines are a source of wonderment for any Asian tourists because they contain offbeat brands such as Virginia Slims! Hawkers press Chinese restaurant menus upon visitors, and it is hard to resist streetside steamed buns. Filled with any number of ingredients, these massive and well-loved snacks abound in Japan.

Throngs of Japanese and foreign tourists must consume a million buns a day!

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  • A huge steamed pork bun, loaded with coarsely chopped meat, gao wa leeks , and tiny cubes of pickled mustard green, can cost up to five dollars. Surely, it weighed over one pound; that fresh, pink pork was hot, bursting, and filling. The same style buns are served in New York's Chinatowns, but they are small, crude, and greasy in comparison. Freshly roasted chestnuts are peeled for you at nearly every corner. There are more packaged sweets than in other Chinatown around the world, and dozens of impeccable dessert shops purvey a universe of fancifully-shaped 'moo' cakes.

    Deep fry the prawns in the wok, briefly. Drain and reserve. Remove the excess oil, add garlic, negi and ginger. Stir fry briefly.

    Add the doubanjiang and stir fry briefly again. Add the prawns, the wine and the chicken stock.

    EBICHILI (Japanese Edition) EBICHILI (Japanese Edition)
    EBICHILI (Japanese Edition) EBICHILI (Japanese Edition)
    EBICHILI (Japanese Edition) EBICHILI (Japanese Edition)
    EBICHILI (Japanese Edition) EBICHILI (Japanese Edition)
    EBICHILI (Japanese Edition) EBICHILI (Japanese Edition)

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