Down By the Salley Gardens

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Down By The Salley Gardens - Orla Fallon_[가사, 歌詞, Lyrics]

This variation prints out accurately on ABC2Win. It is a compendium of songs mostly relating to various place names in Ireland. The words I posted above were by W.

Down by the Sally Gardens on folk tune finder

Yeats and commonly sung to a variant of the air. Unfortunately, because airs and song tunes can take a large variety of time signatures, and possibly none at all if the air is rather free in form, they cannot be defined by a single time signature which apparently is required by the way in which The Session database is organised. So the only way in which you can submit a slow air or a song tune which are usually much slower than the dance tunes is to define it as a reel, waltz a popular choice , strasphey or whatever is closest, and then in the comments tell everyone that it is in fact a slow air or song tune and should be performed accordingly.

Please read the explanation again. Trevor has already explained very succinctly why there can be no "air" category. His choices were to either post this tune as a reel, waltz, polka, whatever or else not post it at all.

Down By the Salley Gardens

I should have read it more carefully. Sounded lovely, though. Does anyone have any information on the history of the tune "Down By the Sally Gardens"? When was it written and by who? Song lyrics by W. B Yeats, I think, and the air may be a hymn tune. A beautiful version of this song is on the Clannad in Concert CD - track 7.

Down by the Salley Gardens

On the album it is known as "Down by the Sally Gardens". A little poem by AE Housman fits the tune well: When I was one-and-twenty I heard a wise man say, "Give crowns and pounds and guineas But not your heart away; Give pearls away and rubies But keep your fancy free.

But the definitive version of that song is the Butterworth version, which is, of course, English Folk Song classical. Here is a version of the air Sally Gardens which is suitable for the tin whistle and ofcourse any melody instruments. I have transcribed it from a CD with James Galway.

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X:1 T My question is, if this character in the book plays the tune in as The Maids of the Mourne Shore, or An Traigh Mughdhorma, would that be accurate, for the time? I love playing this tune very slowly.

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    Down By the Salley Gardens
    Down By the Salley Gardens
    Down By the Salley Gardens
    Down By the Salley Gardens
    Down By the Salley Gardens
    Down By the Salley Gardens
    Down By the Salley Gardens
    Down By the Salley Gardens

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