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In early there was a landslide along this road and part of Pittview Avenue was washed out further west of the viewpoint, which means two things.

Mt. Washington

First, the view is only accessible from the Millvale Side so be prepared for a streep drive up Logan Street , and second, the view is just past where the no passing sign is hosted making it perfect for foot traffic. This is not going to always be the case, but if you want to check out a good view of the city without a bit of danger from cars passing by, now is the time. If visiting this one, please be mindful that it is on a residential street. Duquesne University.

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Duquesne University is a stunning college campus located right in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh. Naturally, aside from the beautiful campus buildings there are also numerous opportunites for a beautiful city view throughout the campus.

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Take a walk around this one for stunning city views as well as views of Mount Washington, South Side, and the Monongahela River! Duquesne University is located off of Forbes Avenue in downtown Pittsburgh. Greenfield — Bigelow and Waldeck. The hilly neighborhood of Greenfield offers many commanding views of the skyline.

Some of the best views are found on Bigelow street as it runs almost perfectly inline with the Monongahela River just down the hill. If you continue down Bigelow St. We don't recommend driving on this one, but the view at this junction is quite spectacular. In one direction is the city, and turn ever-so-slightly to the north and you'll see a commanding view of the Cathedral of Learning as well!

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This viewpoint is located at the intersection of Bigelow and Waldeck. A staircase exists connecting this intersection to Greenfield Avenue at the Swinburn Bridge which also has a similar view. We do not recommend driving on Waldeck other than parking at the top of the staircase. Schenley Park Overlook. Schenley Park is one of the largest green spaces in Pittsburgh, and within it is many wonderful things to do. The Schenley Park Overlook is one of our favorite spots in this park as it offers a commanding view of the Pittsburgh skyline and a play place for children- we're jealous of their view.

This is one of the furthest overlooks on Pittsburgh's eastern side, so it is a bit far away from downtown itself. But if you are looking for a stunning view you'll do right by checking it out all the same. After, go out and enjoy the park!

Perspective in the face of tragedy - The Pittsburgh

There is a parking loop at the highest point of the road- you can't miss it. From the Ohio River. Although Pittsburgh's rivers are famous, how many of you can actually say that you've been out on them on a boat tour? It took us many years of living in the city to make this one happen, and we're certainly not alone in having not witnessed the skyline by boat.

The viewpoints you can get on the river are indeed quite similar to what you can experience on the city's roads and bridges, but something about it is different and more intimate. On the road you may catch a fleeting glimpse as you roll by, but by boat you can drop anchor, stay a while, and watch the day go by.

For that, we think this is one view that can't be missed. From the Air on a Helicopter Tour.

Pittsburgh's Homeless: Discovering Perspective

When flying commercially, you may be lucky and have your plane fly over the city for a quick glimpse of the skyline from a distance. At the end of the week, the Fellows presented to Coro Pittsburgh Staff, Public Allies, and experts that they interviewed. In order to capture the diverse perspectives of the 12 Fellows, four of the Fellows presented their own perspectives coming into the week and how those perspectives were challenged or confirmed by the interviews throughout the week.

Perspectives: The Big Pittsburgh Lie

Each Fellow supported their argument with facts and evidence from the interview, which highlighted the nuance, emotion, and complexity of development and displacement in Pittsburgh. After the minute presentation, the Fellows facilitated a four-corner activity that allowed the audience to reflect on their own perspectives.

The Fellows presented a series of statements around the issues of race, development, displacement, and a changing Pittsburgh while participants moved to a corner that signified Strongly Agree, Agree, Disagree, and Strongly Disagree. Building on a National Model.

Disability Inclusion & Access: Moving Forward

America supports nonprofits and local governments in developing welcoming communities through immigrant integration initiatives. Community members who are on their pathway to citizenship can meet with immigration lawyers, attend a mock naturalization interview, and connect with local service providers. Economic Development. Immigrant Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs We brought together a group of 11 small business owners and entrepreneurs to discuss the challenges they face to to better identify what role the City can play in supporting them, whether it be through improving access to existing resources or creating a new mentorship program.

A Pittsburghers Perspective A Pittsburghers Perspective
A Pittsburghers Perspective A Pittsburghers Perspective
A Pittsburghers Perspective A Pittsburghers Perspective
A Pittsburghers Perspective A Pittsburghers Perspective
A Pittsburghers Perspective A Pittsburghers Perspective
A Pittsburghers Perspective A Pittsburghers Perspective
A Pittsburghers Perspective A Pittsburghers Perspective
A Pittsburghers Perspective A Pittsburghers Perspective

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